My friend Karley recently adopted a three-legged Blue Heeler, and I encourage you to adopt rather than get from a breeder. More dogs need to be adopted because they’re unwanted. Please, if you’re going to get a dog, get an adopted one.


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Horse Cruelty

Lately, there’s been a lot of youtube videos, and other videos on filming horse cruelty. If you want, you can watch those videos to see what I mean so you can really understand my concern, but otherwise, I’m having a thing where everybody that comes to my site, you can comment to me on what do you think we can do to help stop that. Please give input. Here are a couple of links to the cruel youtube videos.

Go to youtube: Cheyenne Rodeo’s Cruel “Wild” Horse Race Exposed

Also youtube: Mud Thrown In Face Of Rodeo Horse

Youtube: Baby Horses Abused at 2010 Cheyenne Rodeo

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Baby Rats!

So, how many of you have seen a baby rat, three weeks old, and really, really fuzzy and adorable? Not many? I’m pretty sure half of you think of rats of dirty, gross, disease ridden creatures. Truth is, at least to me, they’re one of the best pets. Only wild rats can have diseases. Anyways, I got another rat for my birthday and she’s three weeks old, fuzzy and adorable! I hope you like rats, they’re so affectionate.

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I got a new rat named Oreo, she’s so Cute! Posting pictures later.

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Alrighty! Looks like horses win this round, dogs will have to go, (sorry! I like you, but it’s up to them!).

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There is a vet in the Washington area in Hadlock, it’s the best possible in Hadlock. They’ll get it done.


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Rabbits are actually winning in my Beginning contest. Second is dogs (No surprise!). And of course, last but not least, third is horses. Time for Novice’s!

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